When you want to use DataMa, you often ask yourselves how you can manage the data…:desktop_computer:

How to connect my data in DataMa? How can I get my data (and therefore my graphics) updated as I go along? One of the solutions … is Google spreadsheet! :bulb:

  • In Google Spreadsheet, you can, thanks to the extensions available in the solution, connect any data sources (here for example Google analytics)
  • Once in DataMa, by creating a new Use Case from the URL of the Gsheet, you can specify (by checking the box: Keep Live connection with Gsheet) that you want the data to be automatically updated. ..
  • And voila…

You now have up-to-date DataMa charts !

You can use other extensions like “OWOX BI BigQuery” for your BigQuery requests or even the “Supermetrics” add-on for connection to all the other applications on the market!

Have a loof for yourself here with our demo : https://datama.fr/Home/