Tip of the week #10:

When you use DataMa COMPARE to compare two time periods, you can set up the solution so that your analyses in DataMa are always up to date with your latest data ?

All you have to do is :

  1. Load a new source (“Change source” menu) via a “Google Sheet“.
  2. Then select the option “Keep Live connection with Gsheet“.
  3. Once the analysis is in place, you need to save the ‘Use case’ by leaving the “Dynamic saving of Start & End” option selected ? Be careful that the dates used as Start and End exist in the dataset!
  4. From the interval used for Start and End (1st week compared to the 4th week of the dataset for example), DataMa will reproduce this same interval according to the last existing data…

Once your data updates itself, you just have to set up a regular sending to your mailbox or a Slack channel and you’re done !


Find more information about the solution here : https://datama.fr/datama_compare/