Did you know that the first Waterfall in DataMa Compare is interactive and allows you to “zoom in” on a step?

  • By clicking on one of the steps, you can “open” this step to have the detail of the effects to explain its variation.
  • By default, the most “interesting” dimension will be displayed, but you can force to display another dimension by using the “Dimension” button in the “Detailed view – filter” section.
  • You can also choose the number of segments to display in this same section using the slider

Zoom out by clicking on another step, or on one of the blue bars (Start or End).

Practical if you need to show the effect of a dimension on a stage, while keeping the global vision!

Find out more : https://www.docs.datama.fr/docs/datama-compare/web-application/dashboard/waterfall/chart/zoomed-view/