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Our rates are on request, currently 4 DataMa solutions are available:

DataMa distributes its solutions according to 3 different models in order to be best adapted to your needs. The application interface and algorithms can be fully dissociated to ensure complete integration with your Analytics environment.

1. Software as a Service

Accessible from our online interface. All your data is secured (currently in France) to only authorised user accounts with individual usernames and passwords. You benefit from all the updates (approximately every month) as soon as they are released.

2. On-Premise

The solutions are installed by our teams directly on your servers. You are allowed to modify the source code of the solution in order to customize your analyzes. You therefore perform your analyzes in complete confidentiality using the full capabilities of your servers.

3. Extension in data platforms

The DataMa COMPARE algorithm is compatible with the data science and data visualization platforms of the market. You can use the algorithm as an extension directly from your usual tools (Knime, DataIku, Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, DataStudio, …)