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What’s DataMa?

DataMa is an augmented analysis platform that accelerates and optimizes the work of data and business analysts thanks to its intelligent models and its integration at the heart of your data ecosystem.

In 5 minutes, you will be able to provide analyses and insights on various subjects

    Media acquisition

    “Due to a lower click-through-rate caused by a change in the mix in the ads, our revenue has decreased by -12% this week compared to last week”

    Web Analytics

    “My revenue per-user drops by -19% mainly due to conversion issues at the payment stage, caused by SEO traffic changes”

    Retail performance

    “My sales decreased by -5% due to a decrease in my small formats on my X range, a weaker performance of innovations in my Y range and an increase in the weight of promotion on my Z range”

    Performance optimisation

    Understand the drivers of your performance and
    react swiftly to maximise your performance thanks
    to our alerts

    DataMa’s smart insights platform helps you
    optimise your time and your performance in a few

    At the heart of your data ecosystem

    Our smart insights platform fully integrated into
    your data ecosystem. 

    Our solutions are available as an extension of your data visualization tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Looker Studio, etc.)

    Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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