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Quickly identify in one single waterfall graph what causes your performance variation

Quickly identify the best decisions to make with a better understanding of your performance

With DataMa COMPARE you will be able to explain what is driving the performance of your:


Marketing campaign

A/B Test

Website traffic

Conversion rate

Other indicators

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In 5 minutes, you will be able to provide analyses and insights on various subjects:

  • eCommerce: “My revenue per-user drops by -19% mainly due to conversion issues at the payment stage, caused by SEO traffic changes”
  • Store sales: “Sales value of my brand decreased by 5% due to a drop in my small formats on my X range, with a performance
    weakest innovation in my Y range and an increase in the weight of the promotion on my Z range”
  • Management control: “+ 6% margin against the budget thanks to higher sales volume in Germany and a higher price of product ”B” than expected “
  • Marketing: “The ”A” email campaign performs twice as well as the ”B” campaign thanks to a client mixed-effects and a higher user opening rate from people between 18 and 25 years old”
Provide analyses and insights on various subjects

"DataMa Compare allows us to identify quickly and systematically the drivers behind online conversion variations. We use DataMa analysis both for top management presentations and as an operational tool."

– Gregory Sion

Senior Vice President, Digital and Sales, Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs

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