DataMa wishes you a ….

Happy New Year 2019


In this new year, DataMa offers this first newsletter: after a year in 2018 in a bustle that has seen great progress, 2019 comes with always more projects, evolutions and surprises … We tell you a little more!

 The great achievements 2018!

  • DataMa is connected to the web in SaaS mode: our first DataMa Compare solution – which allows you to quickly compare and identify the factors of variation of a performance indicator between two segments – is now directly accessible online without any deployment, or any configuration. Ask us to create an access, it is free for a month! [Connect to the platform]
  • Many of you wanted to test the application, a demo interface is available online and allows you to try the application on simple use cases. You can even test with your own data (if you have a Google Analytics eCommerce enabled site). [Test DataMa]
  • To help you harness the power of DataMa, we’ve released a dedicated documentation site that will guide you from loading your data to understanding and interpreting your results. [Read the documentation]
  • For those fond of algorithm and development, a specific license is now available to make you directly available our R package.
  • The application evolves regularly and we are very happy that these solutions are always more attractive to customers than we are happy to welcome and that we thank for their trust! [See a customer testimonial]

What are we preparing for 2019

Our solutions !

  • Notre solution phare DataMa Compare va continuer à grandir et s’étoffera tout au long du premier trimestre de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour vous faciliter toujours plus l’utilisation et la compréhension de vos analyses, améliorer la restitution de vos rapports, et faciliter la gestion de votre licence et de vos utilisateurs…
  • Mais surtout cette première solution va avoir, en ce début d’année, au moins 2 nouvelles petites sœurs :
  • DataMa Pivot : Nous sommes très fiers de vous annoncer, pour février, la sortie de DataMa Pivot ! Cette nouvelle solution, très complémentaire de DataMa Compare, vous permettra de mieux identifier le rôle des différentes dimensions sur vos indicateurs. [En savoir plus sur DataMa Pivot]
  • Our flagship solution DataMa Compare will continue to grow and will evolve during the first quarter with new features to make it easier for you to use and understand your analysis, improve the creation of your reports, and facilitate the management of your data. license and your users …
  • But especially this first solution will have, at the beginning of the year, at least 2 new little sisters:
    • DataMa Pivot: We are very proud to announce, for February, the release of DataMa Pivot! This new solution, very complementary to DataMa Compare, will allow you to better identify the role of different dimensions on your indicators. [Learn more about DataMa Pivot]
    •  … and DataMa Impact which, thanks to the BPI French Tech grant, will be released this summer, and will help you understand the significance and impact of a variation of a KPI between two periods, or two variants of an AB test.


Our Team!

  • Our solutions are not the only ones to multiply, we are also very happy to welcome to the team a new partner, Loïc, who will accompany you more closely in the acquisition and use of DataMa solutions.
  • We are currently looking for R and Infrastructure developers to participate in the adventure and further accelerate our growth.

We wish you the best and beautiful data analytics for 2019, and we wish to be more responsive to your requests, to give more news and to make your data discovery  even more easier!

We remain at your disposal and would be delighted to discuss with you your business issues, let us know your comments and new features that you would like to appear in the DataMa tools.

We are here for you!