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Because we know that all data issues can’t be handled by standardized modeling, we also offer custom consulting services to help your business grow thanks to your data

​With past experience in strategy consulting and complex data analytics, we are able to work on a full range of issues, from top strategic questions to hands-on analytical modeling, with real life experience sharing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


A/B Tests

  • Methodology: Sizing, Metrics definition, Statistics expertise

  • Design: Test ideas, Best practices, Competition watch

  • Tools:  In-house Readout automated system

  • Culture: KPIs, Reporting, Organization, Test & Learn mode

Product Development

  • Governance: Meeting structure implementation to drive product improvement

  • Organization: Team organization and interactions to improve efficiency

  • Strategy: Vision, Ambition, Market Studies, Prioritization

Market Place Optimization

​(For 2 sided Marketplaces)

  • Marketplace design: Sort, Leakage, Revenue & Destination Management

  • Supply: Acquisition, Interaction (dashboard & education), Retention

  • Demand: Search, Conversion, Web Pages

Data Analytics & Strategy

Data Science & Analytics

  • Data Analytics: Problem solving, KPI definition, Business analysis, Data manipulation and aggregation

  • Data Visualisation: dashboard design and building

  • Data Science: Scoring & Algorithms building

Data Strategy

  • Management: Organization design, team sizing, governance

  • Tools: Recommendations of tools for BI

  • Culture: Change management towards data culture

Why DataMa Consulting?

Technical Expertise

  • Unique knowledge of marketplaces in France, based on experience in leading US based tech companies and a large professional network. We only talk about what we know!

  • Hands-on experience of analytical tools with heavy technical skills.
    We are ready to get our hands dirty.



  • Top tier consulting firm experience, ensuring high quality of deliverables made for results

  • Fully customized consulting services, based on your needs and specificity of your business

  • Work flexibility, with no dependency and engagement after the end of the  assignment.


  • Win-win pricing: we define and agree on measurable results together, which is how DataMa is incentivized. The more you get, the more we get.

  • Top-tier consulting skills for less than half of top firm pricing grids: no structure, support, and management costs.

  • Introductory offer: we are young, and we care about our first clients.